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Noise Sensitivity, Allergies and Respiratory Conditions

Kartatak Raceway Tuggerah, not unlike any other raceway throughout Australia or around the world, operates high performance motorised vehicles on a specifically designed racing circuit. Raceways consume a variety of natural, organic and synthetic products in the forms of petroleum fuels, oils and grease as well as some powdered products in the forms of liquid spill absorption and track preparation materials that may contain glutens. The use of these products in the operation of Kartatak go-karts can generate noise, fumes in the form of motor and driveline emissions and dusting in the form of fine particles that remain after spill clean-ups or track preparation work that may be expelled into the air while the go-karts travel around the track.

Kartatak Risk Assessment Acknowledgement

Kartatak Raceway Tuggerah in being fully aware of the noise, fumes and dust emissions that are generated from their business operations have in place as part of the company’s ‘Risk Assessment Plan’ an ongoing monitoring and assessment program that follows the guild-lines of AS/NZS12691 for noise, ISBN 978-0-642-33341-4 and ISBN 978-0-642-33342-1 for fumes and dust respectively to ensure the wellbeing of all patron’s and staff’s health and safety.

For all patrons, staff or visitors that may suffer noise sensitivity, allergies and respiratory conditions Kartatak has available free disposable 20 decibel noise reduction ear plugs and/or respiratory face masks that are available upon request from staff or at the reception counter.