• Drivers under 18 years of age must have adult consent.
  • No vehicle to vehicle contact.
  • No smoking on or near the track.
  • Follow safety directions from Track Marshals at all times.
  • Drive at walking pace in the pits.
  • Hairnets must be worn under your helmet.
  • Make sure your helmet is secured.
  • Ensure your seat-belt is fastened securely.


  • Minimum Age / Height for driving Junior Go Karts: 8 Years Old / 127cm or 4ft 2″
  • Minimum Age / Height for driving Senior Karts: 12 Years Old / 140cm or 4ft 9″
  • Minimum Age / Height for driving Twin Karts Driver Minimum: 18 Years Old; Passenger minimum: 4 years old / 85cm or 2ft 9″
  • No Loose Clothing.
  • Casual clothing recommended.
  • Wear enclosed shoes.


DRIVE SMOOTHLY – do not drive recklessly.
SLOW DOWN – reduce your speed.
NO CONTACT – do not collide with other vehicles.
ONE PEDAL ONLY – do not use the accelerator and brake at the same time.
GREEN LIGHT – normal race conditions.
AMBER LIGHT – accident or incident ahead, SLOW DOWN to walking pace.
RED LIGHT – race over, return slowly to pits, follow Track Marshal’s directions and stay in vehicle until told it’s safe to exit.

If you’re a first time driver it is recommended to drive your first few laps at a reduced speed.
This will help you learn the circuit and become familiar with the drift karts